Amazon FBA fee update 2021

Amazon has refreshed its FBA fees for 2021, and these progressions authoritatively produced results on June 1, 2021. By knowing how much cash it will take to sell on Amazon, dealers will figure out how to go through their cash admirably and make their Amazon business the most beneficial it tends to be. In this Read More

New product search coming soon

Hello. We’ve been recently working on a brand new deal search tool which would soon be integrated into the website. For all those who currently use BooksButter to find book deals are requested to give their respective feedbacks.

Amazon’s new Inventory Performance Index

Starting 1st July 2018, Amazon will be closely monitoring how well you manage your inventory. Having invested billions of dollars into the warehouses, Amazon want the space to be utilised more efficiently. In an attempt to reduce the mess, Amazon has devised a program called “Inventory Performance Index. Inventory that stays in warehouses for too Read More

How to avoid misunderstanding the Amazon Salesrank

Most of the Amazon sellers makes mistake of misunderstanding the Amazon Salesrank. They would either completely ignore it’s importance or overemphasise its role in buying decisions. So, let’s try to figure out the importance of Salesrank in order to avoid the mistake of misunderstanding the Amazon Salesrank. Gathered from several sources along with my own Read More

How to detect a counterfeit textbook

Well, the risk of selling a counterfeit textbook is severe and may even get you banned from Amazon sellers central. Also, lately a lot of Amazon sellers have been concerned about selling counterfeit textbooks on Amazon. So, let’s get into a quick methods to detect a counterfeit textbook so you could avoid selling them on Read More