How to detect a counterfeit textbook

Well, the risk of selling a counterfeit textbook is severe and may even get you banned from Amazon sellers central. Also, lately a lot of Amazon sellers have been concerned about selling counterfeit textbooks on Amazon. So, let’s get into a quick methods to detect a counterfeit textbook so you could avoid selling them on Amazon.

Clue 1: Lower price

If you’re sourcing books online, you might want to take a closer look at their price if they’re listed on a non-Amazon platform such as eBay. Counterfeiters usually pull popular books, make copies and unload them for prices far too lower on platforms such as eBay, etc.

I would advise you to scrutinise any listing closely, but fact is no seller is going to admit their book is counterfeit. So if it seems too good to be true, it doesn’t necessarily mean it is (good mistakes do happen). But you’re taking your chances.

Clue 2: Paper Quality

Paper quality is the most important factor while deciding if a book is counterfeit. Usually, if it is a counterfeit copy, you’d be able to see text written on a page through it’s backside.



Clue 3: Number of Pages

Because of low paper quality and text, a counterfeit copy would probably be thin and contain less of number pages.

Clue 4: Book Cover

Look for books’ cover and if that even look slightly distorted or weird, make sure you examine the rest of the signs well.

Clue 5: Fuzzy barcode

A fake book will always have it’s barcode distorted.


If you’re not holding a textbook ranked in the top 10,000, it’s probably not counterfeit.

That’s not to say that old counterfeit textbooks won’t stay in circulation, but the bulk of the business in counterfeits is the latest hot new high demand textbooks. They print a bunch of them, sell them quickly, and move on. Those are the books most likely to end up in your Amazon inventory (and be flagged by Amazon).


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