Repricing tips for textbooks

In the previous article, we learned a few pricing strategies for textbooks. Repricing is an important part of overall arbitrage. Before you head off to start repricing your textbooks, here are a few tips to help you in the process: Tip #1: Be Patient There is no point in continuously refreshing the page to keep Read More

Pricing strategy for textbooks on Amazon

If you sell books on Amazon, you will encounter a period of 4-5 weeks twice a year, when you can expect to see higher than normal sales for your educational textbooks. It’s during the August and the December month. So, what should be your pricing strategy for textbooks during these period to get maximum profit. Read More

$25 tip for pricing books on Amazon

If you aren’t a prime member on amazon but purchased at least $25 worth of books from the Amazon at the same time, you could still qualify for the free shipping.¬†For sellers, it means that pricing books on Amazon at $25 means appealing to a greater number of customers. For example, if you are going Read More