Selling on Amazon VS starting your own ecommerce store

Let’s face the fact that Amazon’s marketplace is so large, you can easily make money selling products on Amazon. What’s even better is that they (Amazon FBA programme) do handle all the lifting, packaging, and has an unbeatable customer support. All you need to do is find the products that you think you could sell and Amazon provides you an endless stream of traffic to your listing.

But, if you invest some time and money towards building your own ecommerce store, you can:

1. Build your own your brand

Most of the people who buy from Amazon thinks that they’re buying directly from Amazon, but you know that they’re actually buying it from some random third party seller. So, when someone buys your item on Amazon, you (or your brand) doesn’t get any credit for the sale.

2. Build customers’ email list

Amazon doesn’t give you access to your prior customers’ details. But, owning an ecommerce store has it’s own perils including increased revenue, because getting previous customers to return and shop is 10X easier and cheaper than acquiring brand new customers. Moreover, when people shop on your ecommerce store,

  • You know what they bought.
  • You know how much they spent.
  • You have their contact information.
  • You know what they like.
  • You know their shopping patterns.

which you can use to create custom discount offers and setup facebook advertisements.

3. Advertise more aggressively and keep 100% of the profits

If you advertise your Amazon listing, you won’t be able to track conversions. But you can do that on your ecommerce store, besides the fact that you get to keep 100% of the profits.

4. Generate more B2B leads

B2B customers are the most valuable customers that your business can have. They buy product from you at consistent intervals. They buy in bulk and they provide stability to your sales. Some of these businesses won’t risk buying goods from Amazon because they need consistent quality and a little extra hand holding.


In my next article, I’ll show you how you can get started with an ecommerce store in just about $20.


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